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Stop scouring the internet for maps and get back to teaching history! Grab your children by the hand. It's time to explore our world with a map trek. And what better place is there to start than with the ancient time period?


Download the Map Trek Sampler with 32 historical outline maps to try them out for yourself.

You no longer need to search for the map you need. They can all be right at your fingertips, ready to go. We have heard your comments throughout the years and have set out to provide THE most attractive and highly useful maps for home educators. You have said that you want...
Historical maps that will help you navigate through history.
Accurate maps that show what the world was really like then and now.
Maps that are easily downloadable and yet inexpensive to print.
Attractive maps that you and your students will be proud to display.
Lesson plans that will give you guidance for using the maps each week.
Map Trek: Ancient World meets all 5 criteria and more!
Here's what Map Trek will provide you:
  1. A full color teacher's answer map that will help you tremendously as you navigate through ancient history:
  2. An unlabeled student map for your child to color in and label. Notice a few key features on this map. There is a slight color shading on the ocean/water areas to help your child determine which parts of the map are land and which are water. BUT the shading is minimal so as to not interfere with his creative coloring process OR to use much ink when printing from your printer.

  3. Lesson Plans to help you know what to assign to each of your children at their various stages of learning.  There are lesson plans included for all 34 blank outline maps and are broken down into 3 levels - Level A (grades 1-4), Level B (grades 5-8) and Level C (grades 9-12).

  4. Grid maps and blank grids to help your kids learn to draw the land masses of our world in a fun and painless way!


So, this is what you get by the numbers...

  •   34 Full-color teacher answer maps.
  •   32 Blank outline maps for the student.
  •   4 Grid maps
  •   2 Blank grids (different size grids)
  •   Instructions for how to use these maps
  •   Lesson Plans
  •   Glossary of terms
  •   89 total pages
  •   just $14.95


Here is the full list of maps that are included in the first volume of Map Trek: Ancient World:

  •   World Map (landforms)
  •   Descendants of Noah
  •   Mesopotamia
  •   Sumerians
  •   Called Out from Ur
  •   Abraham's Journey
  •   Ancient Africa
  •   Old Kingdom of Egypt
  •   Ancient Egypt
  •   The Exodus
  •   Early Greece
  •   The Promised Land
  •   12 Tribes of Israel
  •   The Assyrian Empire
  •   Israel's Golden Age
  •   Phoenicia's Trading Empire
  •   Solomon's Kingdom
  •   Israel's Divided Kingdom
  •   Ancient India
  •   Ancient China
  •   The Founding of Rome
  •   Babylonian Empire
  •   The Persian Empire
  •   Greco-Persian Wars
  •   Golden Age of Greece
  •   Ancient Europe
  •   Alexander the Great
  •   The Punic Wars
  •   Palestine during the time of Christ
  •   The Early Church
  •   The Roman Empire
  •   The Roman Empire Divided
  •   Barbarian Invasions
  •   World Map (with grid)
  •   Egypt Map (with grid)
  •   Israel Map (with grid)
  •   Greece Map (with grid)
  •   Roman Empire Map (with grid)
  •   2 blank grids (different sizes)

Since these maps are chronological in sequence, you may use them easily with any chronological history program. These maps are meant to enhance your current history program and make it even better.

Get Instant Access to the Map Trek: Ancient World ebook today for just $14.95

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