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Map Trek: Atlas and Outline Maps of World and U.S. History

Hardcover Atlas and Outline Maps of World and U.S. History

ISBN: 978-1-932786-32-3

Grade Level: 1-12 grades

Page Count: 650 pages in hardcover book and CD-ROM

Price: $55.00


Have you ever been teaching a history lesson when one of your children pipes up with a question. "Mom, is Carthage a city in Oregon or some other country?" Oh dear, you think to yourself and then calmly explain, "Honey, first of all, Oregon is a state, not a country. And Carthage no longer exists, but I think it was located on the northern tip of Africa across the Mediterranean Sea from Italy." After receiving two or more questions along this vein, you realize that you need some better resources.

Actually, you only need ONE!

Map Trek is a historical atlas plus outline maps that allow you to teach geography alongside history. This is a resource that any homeschool parent can use with brilliant success, even if you don't remember a thing from your history or geography classes in public school.

Now you can have hundreds of historical outline maps at your finger tips. Save yourself countless hours scouring the internet for the perfect printable map for your history lesson! Recommended by The Well-Trained Mind!

Grade Level: 1-12 grades

Page Count: 350 World + 235 American

"I got mine today! I love them! I love the convenience! My son loves them! Why didn't I order these earlier instead of spending hours scouring the internet for maps that didn't quite work?" - Sharon

Did you know?

It is a proven fact that using historical outline maps help cement historical and geographical facts for students and adults alike. Just knowing that Alexander the Great conquered the whole known world is simply not enough. Seeing this enormous ancient empire on paper gives visual and non-visual students an edge in their learning.

The truth is... most educators know this, but struggle to find the printable maps they are looking for. Now your search is over. Finally, Map Trek Historical Atlas and Outline Maps is now available as a set of six (6) beautiful full-color e-books for easy printing.

With Map Trek Historical Atlas and Outline Maps, you, as the teacher, can...

  • Have over 465 World History Maps at your fingertips.
  • Print them all or just the ones you need today.
  • Print multiple copies for your family's use. (Schools, classrooms and co-ops can take advantage of our volume discounts or site license agreement.)
  • Never worry about lesson plans for your historical outline maps. We've included them for you!
  • Have different aged students working at their own ability. No more trying to stretch the lesson up or down.

With Map Trek Historical Atlas and Outline Maps, your students can...

  • See the landscape (i.e. the political boundaries, major cities, etc.) from the historical time period - instead of what the region is like today.
  • Label places of historical significance on their outline maps.
  • Color in empires, trace travel routes, draw scales and directional symbols, etc.
  • Maps don't have to be boring... Students should feel free to experiment with colored markers, pencils, paint and even glitter (this is optional, of course!)
  • Finished maps can be posted to the bulletin board or refrigerator or placed in a history notebook.

Imagine... You will no longer have to search for the perfect map online. You will have it right on your computer! Here is everything that you will get when you purchase Map Trek: The Complete Collection:

  • 276 Full-color teacher answer maps.
  • 270 Blank outline maps for the student.
  • Instructions for how to use these maps
  • 15 Grid Maps
  • 10 Blank Grids
  • Lesson Plans
  • Glossary of terms
  • 3 Bonus Map Sets
  • 650 total pages
  • $55.00 (Save $30 over individual ebook purchases) 

Since these maps are chronological in sequence, you may use them easily with any chronological history program.  These maps are meant to enhance your current history program and make it even better. 

The full list of maps within each of the five sets included in the book and on the CD-ROM is listed further down the page.

Here is a Frequently Asked Question:

How is Map Trek different from your original Blackline Maps series?

Here is the answer:

Map Trek is basically the new and revised version of Blackline Maps (out of print). Here are some of the differences:

1. Map Trek has more maps - over 500 total in the book and on the CD-ROM. Blackline Maps of World History has 200.
2. There is more detail on the Map Trek maps, because they are intended for use up to 12th grade (Blackline Maps is for students 1-8).
3. Map Trek has lesson plans for students in grades 1-12, with 3 levels of difficulty.
4. Map Trek has full-color teacher answer maps; student maps are slightly shaded. Blackline Maps are black and white.

Below is the complete list of maps included in the Complete Collection of Map Trek:

Map Trek: Ancient World

  1. World Map with landforms
  2. The Descendants of Noah
  3. Mesopotamia
  4. Sumerians
  5. Call Out of Ur
  6. Abraham's Journey
  7. Ancient Africa
  8. Old Kingdom of Egypt
  9. Ancient Egypt
  10. The Exodus
  11. The Promised Land
  12. Twelve Tribes of Israel
  13. The Assyrian Empire
  14. Israel's Golden Age
  15. Phoenicia's Trading Empire
  16. Solomon's Kingdom
  17. Israel's Divided Kingdom
  18. Ancient India
  19. Ancient China
  20. The Founding of Rome
  21. Babylonian Empire
  22. The Persian Empire
  23. Greco-Persian Wars
  24. Golden Age of Greece
  25. Ancient Europe
  26. Alexander the Great
  27. The Punic Wars
  28. Ancient Palestine
  29. The Early Church
  30. The Roman Empire
  31. The Roman Empire Divided
  32. Barbarian Invasions
  33. World Map (with grid)
  34. Egypt Map (with grid)
  35. Israel Map (with grid)
  36. Greece Map (with grid)
  37. Roman Empire Map (with grid)
  38. Two blank grids (different sizes)

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Map Trek book. I LOVE it! It is beautiful!!!!! I cannot wait to use it this year with our history. I have never seen anything like it--YOU ARE AMAZING! Out of all the new books I bought this year, this is the one I am MOST excited about! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!” - Anna

Map Trek: Medieval World

  1. World Map with landforms
  2. Byzantine Empire
  3. Islamic Empire
  4. Viking Expansion
  5. Empire of Charlemagne
  6. The Holy Roman Empire
  7. African Kingdoms
  8. Norman Conquests
  9. The Crusades
  10. Mongol Empire
  11. Medieval China
  12. City Centers of Europe
  13. Medieval Japan
  14. 12th Century Europe
  15. The Black Death
  16. Hundred Years' War
  17. Renaissance Italy
  18. Early Explorers
  19. Christopher Columbus
  20. Later Explorers
  21. Central and South America
  22. The Powerful Habsburgs
  23. The Netherlands
  24. The Reformation
  25. The Expansion of Sweden
  26. The Expansion of Russia
  27. Spanish and Portuguese Empires
  28. World Map (with grid)
  29. Europe Map (with grid)
  30. Italy Map (with grid)
  31. England Map (with grid)
  32. South America Map (with grid)

"Can I just say thank you so much for the wonderful resources you have available on your website? Well written, beautifully designed, incredibly useful and all of this available in downloadable formats!” - Shannon

Map Trek: New World

  1. World Map with landforms
  2. Elizabethan London
  3. James Towne
  4. African Exploitation
  5. Renaissance Italy
  6. North America (map 1)
  7. North America (map 2)
  8. Native American Tribal Groups
  9. Plymouth Colony
  10. Thirty Years' War
  11. Australia Discovered
  12. King Philip's War
  13. Ming/Qing Dynasties of China
  14. The Mughal Empire
  15. The Original 13 Colonies
  16. The Iroquois League
  17. Puritan England
  18. Restoration Colonies
  19. Prussia
  20. New England Colonies
  21. The Middle Colonies
  22. The Southern Colonies
  23. The Seven Years' War
  24. The Explorations of Daniel Boone
  25. Early Battles of the Revolutionary War
  26. The American Revolution
  27. Russia
  28. The French Revolution
  29. Napoleonic Wars
  30. Lewis and Clark Expedition
  31. Independence for Latin America
  32. Composers
  33. Inventors
  34. England - Industrial Revolution
  35. War of 1812
  36. Growth of the USA (map 1)
  37. Australia
  38. Growth of the USA (map 2)
  39. U.S. Trails of Expansion
  40. Goldrush in California
  41. Westward Expansion
  42. Mexican War
  43. The Pony Express
  44. Telegraph Lines
  45. European Revolutions of 1848

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how WONDERFUL your maps are! I just love to use maps in school; it makes everything so clear. And your maps are perfect for each unit we study. It's great to have a resource like this instead of having to paw through numerous books to find maps and then have to shrink them or enlarge them to suit the need! I have recommended your maps to many people." - Sue

Map Trek: Modern World

  1. World Map with landforms
  2. Current Political World Map
  3. The Crimean War
  4. Japan Opens to Trade
  5. Leading Up to the Civil War
  6. The American Civil War (map 1)
  7. The American Civil War (map 2)
  8. The Battle of Gettysburg
  9. The Battle of Vicksburg
  10. Italy United
  11. Reconstruction
  12. The Battle of Little Bighorn
  13. The Dominion of Canada
  14. Africa with landforms
  15. India Under Rule of British Easy India Co.
  16. The British Empire
  17. The Boxer Rebellion in China
  18. The Scramble for Africa
  19. South Africa /Boer War
  20. Jim Crow Laws in USA
  21. Right to Vote in USA
  22. US Major Centers of Immigration
  23. World Empires 1900
  24. The Balkan Wars
  25. World War I (map 1)
  26. World War I (map 2)
  27. The Russian Revolution
  28. The Division of Ireland
  29. Europe, Post WWI
  30. Iberian Peninsula
  31. Famous Early Flights
  32. The Great Depression
  33. Totalitarianism
  34. China and Japan at War
  35. The Baltic States
  36. World War II (map 1 - European Theater)
  37. The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  38. World War II (map 2 - Pacific Theater)
  39. Italy and the Balkan Peninsula
  40. The Growth of Communism
  41. Independence for India
  42. The Middle East
  43. The Nation of Israel
  44. The Cold War
  45. The Korean War
  46. The Vietnam War
  47. The Wars in Asia
  48. Indonesia
  49. New Zealand
  50. Cuba
  51. The Gulf War
  52. 9/11 - Attack on the U.S.
  53. Afghanistan
  54. Conflict in Iraq
  55. 50 State Maps

Two of each map topic is included - one for the teacher and one for the student. Print as many maps as you need for your family with this set (group licenses available). Also included are complete lesson plans for students in grades 1-12.

Map Trek Historical Outline Map testimonials

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Hardcover Atlas and Outline Maps of World and U.S. History

ISBN: 978-1-932786-32-3

Grade Level: 1-12 grades

Page Count: 650 pages in hardcover book and CD-ROM

Price: $55.00

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