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A Child's Geography: Explore the Classical World

A Child's Geography: Explore the Classical World by Terri Johnson

Volume 3: Explore the Classical World by Terri Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-932786-53-8

Grade Level: 1-6 grades

Page Count: 224 softcover book + CD-ROM

Price: $34.95

Now you can travel to far-off lands with your children as the long-awaited volume 3 is here!

While this series is geared toward 1-6 graders, this volume works well with middle school students too. Read some honest reviews here - over 35 of them!

In the lively style introduced to us by Ann Voskamp, A Child’s Geography: Explore the Classical World will take you and your fledgling geographers on an amazing adventure through our Father’s world.

Imagine walking in the footsteps of Socrates, Alexander the Great, the Apostle Paul... See and understand ancient civilizations and great empires from what has been left behind and carefully preserved. Hear the stories passed down from generation to generation, before the advent of paper and printing presses. As we explore the Classical World, you and your family will delight in incredible, mysterious landscapes, hidden wonders and beautiful peoples - all created in God's image. Download the first 3 chapters to read and try for yourself!

Stunning! ~ Ann Voskamp

This is a complete, stand-alone Geography and History Curriculum. Pair with Explore the Holy Land for a thorough study of the geography and history of the Ancient World.

Over the course of 15 chapters, explore 12 countries - Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino, the Vatican and Malta - situated around the Mediterranean Sea with...

~the engaging text and vivid full-color photos of a “living book”
~narration prompts to cement learning and understanding
~notebooking, timeline and mapping activities for context
~helpful pronunciations and full definitions in glossary
~activities that focus on art, music, poetry and the delicious food of each country
~optional prayer walk for each country
~224 page full color softcover book
~bonus content on CD-ROM

A Child's Geography: Explore the Classical World by Terri Johnson

Do you and your children desire to catch a passion for God and all His peoples around this glorious globe?

Come. Let's go into all the world.

What you need to know:

  • This book is sure to delight ages 4 to 104, but is written primarily for grammar age explorers (gr 1-6)
  • 224 pages packed with delightful information
  • Softcover book + CD-ROM for reproducibles - price $34.95
  • Ebook (identical to print book w/CD) - price $24.95
  • CD-ROM and ebook include reproducibles in the form of copywork passages, copywork templates, postcard templates, quizzes, world and continent maps, recipes, and more.


This is amazing! It is exactly what I have been looking for. I love the maps and the story line that goes along with it. It has inspired me and I am already thinking of new ideas for the new school year. Thank You! ~ Tracey

Just had to send a note - absolutely gorgeous and engaging. This is a beautiful tool to use alongside the study of any history study or even on its own. Thank you for the great addition to your line of books!!!! ~ Heidi

This is fabulous! It is informative, engaging, and beautiful. I feel like I am visiting these very spots, which is the best way to learn geography. I can hardly wait to use it! I will enjoy it and learn as much as the kids. Thank you for all your hard work on this. You have done an incredible job! ~ Marcia

I really enjoyed reading this! You are a gifted writer. I enjoyed the colorful local characters! ... I thought it would take me longer to read through, but it was engaging and interesting that I couldn't stop reading! Looking forward to reading the next chapters! ~ Nanci

I can not wait for the release. I ordered last week and have June 15 circled on the calendar. We as a family have loved this series so far and can't wait to read this volume for the following school year. This is a God send. I was wondering what I was going to use with our classical history study this year. Thank you for creating and selling such great books. ~ Dawn

Reading this has REALLY made me want to visit Greece and some of these places! I love the story line and how descriptive and fun the information is displayed or told. This is going to be an excellent book and I am very excited to use this with my son and to recommend it to others! I haven't used the first 2 books and will now be looking into purchasing them as well! Way to go and thanks so much for making History and Geography FUN! Thank you for this opportunity! ~ Lindsey in Florida

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